Coming soon – every residential customer will be migrated to the all new  backbone.  Everyone with open escalated tickets will be migrated to the new system as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, the old system was on its last legs and has become unmanageable.  The new routers are in place and the first people will be moved to the new network Monday, May 2nd 2016.  We appreciate the patience of our users, there will be no charge for the new setup and everyone will get a dedicated 1gb direct connection rather than a shared 1gb switched connection, which will be a large improvement for everyone once they are switched over.

Michael Hudson
KCFiber / liNKCity
Network Administrator

North Kansas City’s

Fiber-Optic High Speed Internet Service

Super fast internet

With a variety of speed packages and the incredible reliability of an underground fiber optic network, liNKCity is the best option for both businesses and residents of North Kansas City.


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For your home

New residential customers to liNKCity: call our office to setup installation. There is no monthly fee, after a one-time installation fee of $300.00. We schedule based on appointment availability. Please call or email our sales department for more information.

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For your business

liNKCity’s fiber network allows businesses to connect to the internet at speeds faster than traditional broadband, which saves organizations time and money as well as increasing productivity.


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Friendly customer service

Customer service is liNKCity’s top priority. Our office is conveniently located in downtown North Kansas City, and our staff provides fast, friendly and professional customer service.


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