Business Internet. No modem, static IP, and free email.

Sluggish internet service slows down productivity. Imagine an internet connection with speeds so fast that your employees won’t be able to keep up. With liNKCity’s business class internet offerings your business will be able to collaborate throughout the world with a data connection that is next to none.

Delivered by the areas only complete, underground fiber optic network, your business will receive a reliable connection that travels at the speed of light. With symmetrical speeds your business will be able to download files at the same rate they upload. No longer will you have to wait all day to transfer files from one location to another.


$39.95 / month


    2 MBPS
    High Speed Broadband Internet


$69.95 / month


    5 MBPS
    High Speed Broadband Internet


$79.95 / month


    10 MBPS
    High Speed Broadband Internet


$109.95 / month


    20 MBPS
    High Speed Broadband Internet

Professional Plus

$199.95 / month


    30 MBPS
    High Speed Broadband Internet


$249.95 / month


    50 MBPS
    High Speed Broadband Internet


$299.95 / month


    100 MBPS
    High Speed Broadband Internet


$499.95 / month


    1,000 MBPS (1 GBPS)
    High Speed Broadband Internet

Speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Actual download speeds vary based on internet factors such as site traffic and content provider server capacity.

liNKCity provides real choices when it comes to selecting an internet package to meet your company’s needs by offering business speeds from 2 meg up to 1 Gigabit, and all without a modem. Our technicians will run our fiber lines directly to your business, and provide an Ethernet cable for you to plug directly into your computer, or router depending on your business’ IT set up.

All business packages come with 3 static IP addresses, and a free liNKCity email account that has anti-virus and anti-spam built in. Worried that 3 static IPs or one email account won’t be enough; ask our friendly sales team on how you can accelerate your business by adding additional IP addresses or email accounts.

Most importantly liNKCity has a dedicated customer service team. Our office is conveniently located downtown in North Kansas City. Being centrally located allows our staff to provide your business with fast solutions in a friendly and professional manner. Our team can troubleshoot your problem over the phone or be to any location in minutes. Remember customer satisfaction is our main priority!

For questions or to sign up for service today contact the liNKCity sales team at 816-412-7990, and imagine the possibilities with fast, affordable and limitless service from liNKCity!

liNKCity Internet Speed Test