Does liNKCity offer static IP addresses?
Currently Static IP addresses are only available to liNKCity Business customers. All business packages come with three static IP address. Additional IP addresses may be purchased at any time for an additional onetime charge of $75 – $250, plus a monthly recurring fee of $10 – $30. Prices vary depending on the size of IP block requested.
Does liNKCity block any web traffic or web sites?
liNKCity does not block any websites and/or web traffic. This decision is solely based on what the end user would like. If desired there are multiple software programs available for purchase to block unwanted sites and traffic. Please feel free to visit any local electronics store for product recommendations. You may also visit for control and monitoring systems.
Does liNKCity provide Anti-virus Software?
No, liNKCity has anti-virus software in place on the servers that house liNKCity email accounts to protect incoming emails that could be harmful to your computer. liNKCity does not provide anti-virus software for individual computers. It is however highly recommended that any computers or devices that you may use to connect to the internet have anti-virus measures installed. Recommended anti-virus programs are McAfee, Norton, or AVG. These maybe purchased online, or at any electronic department store.
Can I still use other email providers or do I need to set up a new email address through liNKCity?

Yes, you may still use any current e-mail addresses you have or that you may set up in the future via the free online mail sites. If you are switching services from another carrier you are still able to use that e-mail address as well however, you may need to log into a web based portal. If you are not using a free online mail site please consult with your past provider on how to access your e-mail once you have made the switch to liNKCity.

liNKCity is also proud to offer e-mail services to all residential and business customers. Please consult with your sales representative at the time of account set-up to have a new liNKCity e-mail account built just for you.

How do I check my email when I am away from home?
Whether at home or on the go it is easy to check your liNKCity e-mail account, just visit and select the email login icon which will direct you to the web based portal. Or go straight to the source and visit Once you are at the web based portal, enter your user name and password and you will have instant e-mail access!
Is it possible to change my e-mail address?
Yes, e-mail addresses may be changed. Please remember each account has one primary email account. If you would like to change your e-mail address you may do so by utilizing the additional email form. Please indicate in the comments box that you want to change the address of your primary e-mail account so we may delete the old account. It is important to note that any e-mail you might have stored under the e-mail account you wish to change will be deleted once a new account is built for you.
What is my e-mail address and/or password?
Your email address and password will be provided to you at the time of installation. Every customer will receive a welcome packet, and within that packet your e-mail information will be documented. If you have a question concerning your e-mail account or password please feel free to visit the forms section of our website to fill out a trouble ticket, and a member of our customer service staff will contact you. You may also call the main line at 816-412-7990 to reach our customer service department directly.
How many Dynamic IP addresses come with a residential package?
Each residential package comes with one dynamic IP lease.
How does liNKCity internet compare to other providers?
Fiber optics offers many advantages over traditional copper cable lines. Fiber is able to transfer data much faster and at greater distances due to the fact data is now able to travel at the speed of light. The conductor is glass and cannot generate electricity so it is immune to all sorts of interference. This allows the fiber to come in contact with all sorts of high voltage electrical equipment without hampering the superior performance. An underground fiber network is the most reliable, protecting customers from outages that may be created by the weather and other outside forces. Fiber is one of the most affordable carriers of data which allows liNKCity the ability to bring new technology to businesses and residences for half the cost of traditional providers.

How do I decide which business package is best for my business?
There are a variety of factors that determine the best package available for your business. Factors such as web hosting, remote access, file transfer, and VOIP service will play an important role in your decision. The one thing to remember is with VOIP services your data connection is feeding both your phone line and your internet connection. The VOIP connection is always on and requires a certain amount of the data line to meet its needs. When considering a business package it is important to take a look at what your business does, and if you will be using traditional analog lines, or a VOIP system. If you have questions please contact the sales department of liNKCity at 816-412-7990, or by filling out the contact form on the forms page and we will be happy to address any of your concerns regarding you decision on what package is best for your organization.
Do I need to sign a contract to receive internet from liNKCity?
Although there is no term commitment contract associated with your Service, there is a Terms of Service Agreement (TOS) and an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that takes effect when you order a product or service provided by us through this Site or a customer service representative.  Your payment for and use of the Service constitutes your agreement to be bound by the charges on your order and invoice and the terms and conditions set forth in those Agreements.  By offering service with no term contract, we allow business and residential customers to upgrade or downgrade their package without fear of major termination fees. You may also cancel at any time without having to buy your contract. However, if you disconnect and decide to reinstate your liNKCity service you may be subject to an account setup fee. Please address this with your sales representative at the time of signing up for service.
How do I change my service level?
You may upgrade or downgrade at any time without any fees associated with the change. To change your service package please fill out the contact form that can be found on the forms page or simply call our customer service department at 816-412-7990 and we will be happy to submit your request. There is no need for liNKCity to visit your home or business to make this change as it is all done at the office. All service changes are guaranteed to be completed by 9:00am the next business day, and a liNKCity representative will be more than happy to give you a call once the service change is completed.
How long does it take to install liNKCity internet services?

It all depends on how much work needs to be done to establish your connection. If the business or residence has previously had liNKCity service the connection can be up and running a day after you sign up for service. If you are not comfortable where the liNKCity connection is coming in, and request the jack be moved to a different location you are then looking at a four hour time frame.

If the building or residence has not had liNKCity service before, but it is determined that conduit is already placed in the ground up to the building then the installation time would be a full day. Installations are scheduled from 9am to 5pm on the given day agreed upon by the customer and the sales team. Someone must be on location on the day of installation to allow access into the residence or building.

If the business or residence has not had liNKCity service and it has been determined that conduit is not in the ground leading up to the building a site survey must be completed by the installation technician to note where the conduit needs to be placed and where the service is to come into the building or residence. After that the sales team will contact the customer to determine an installation date. It is important to note this time frame usually takes up to 8 business days from the time of sign up. liNKCity is required by law to notify Missouri Dig Right for locates. Locates can take up to three days. Once locates are complete the liNKCity crew is usually able to complete the full day install in the next day or two. For questions about this process please feel free to contact the sales staff at 816-412-7990.

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