What is “Dark Fiber”?

Posted on May 7, 2013 · Posted in Articles, News

Ever heard the term “Dark Fiber” and wondered what it meant, or exactly what dark fiber was? Other than being the premier fiber optic internet service offered to business and residences of North Kansas City, liNKCity also offers a product called “Dark Fiber” which it leases to those interested in utilizing such a dynamic product.

So what is dark fiber and how does it work?  The major cost of building a fiber network is the physical construction, i.e. digging, boring, and the actual placement of the fiber cable.  The cost difference of a larger fiber cable and a smaller fiber cable is not much when compared to the total cost of the entire project.  So, when building the liNKCity network, the engineers designed in extra fiber capacity to accommodate network growth and future potential services.  This has allowed liNKCity to lease the extra capacity to companies that need huge bandwidth capability.  Ok, what makes this product dark?  The leased fiber is a strand of fiber optic cable that goes from one location to another with liNKCity providing NO electronic equipment (light) at the locations for the data services thus the term “dark”.  The companies leasing the dark fiber provides the electronic equipment on both ends of the fiber and is responsible for the service riding the fiber.

With North Kansas City’s fiber capacity, liNKCity can connect any building within the city limits with “Dark Fiber”, and still provide the quality of service businesses and residents have come to expect from liNKCity.